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What Is Two Weeks Notice Letter?

Two weeks notice letter is another form of a resignation letter in which you submit it to your employer or human resources before your resignation. As it can be understood from its name, it is submitted two weeks before your actual resignation date. If you are a professional and give importance to your career, then you must submit this paper in advance. This will increase your reputation as well as reflect your professional approach in your career. In case you have not written these formal letters before, do not worry. Our website shares plenty of free templates for its visitors to provide them a guide and ready-to-use paper.

Professional Two Weeks Notice Letter Email

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How Should You Write This Official Letter?

In case you are going to prepare this quit letter on your own, then there are certain criteria that you need to pay attention to. For example, the date, signature, address, reasons for writing this paper, and many things should be included in proper letter. However, we do not recommend writing a letter from scratch. This will make you lose plenty of time while creating the perfect format and styling the document. Instead, you can benefit from the free templates we have provided for you on our pages.

Thanks to these free templates, you will both save time and get tired less. All you need to do is pick any of the templates you like, download it and edit it! This is all! The information provided on these templates will provide a great convenience for you while letting you prepare a professional letter to submit your employer. Keep in mind that you need to hand these polite letters two weeks before your actual resignation date. In this way, you will have plenty of time to deal with your accounts, life insurance policies and other things related to your current work. If you have paid holidays, you can also use them during this time.

Formal Two Weeks Notice Letter Template

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Although you can find plenty of templates for almost everything on the internet, the number of templates for proper two weeks notice letters are quite low. However, our website is one of the best sources that you can prefer in this regard. We provide dozens of amazing templates for those who are planning to resign from their jobs soon. All you need to do is pick any of the templates you find practical or suitable, download them on your computers and edit them according to yourself. These are internationally accepted formats that can be used in any country or cooperation without any worries.

Good Two Weeks Notice Letter with Reason

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If you are working in a corporate company then it will not be enough for you to state that you are going to resign. You need to submit a paper that declares that you are going to resign and then sign different kinds of papers according to the working style of the company. In addition to this, telling your boss or human resources that you are just quitting will not be a professional act. This can damage your career in the long run. As you can guess, it is not ethical as well. If you have bank accounts opened by the company, company vehicle that you drive or private life insurances issued by your company, you will need time to give them back or terminate them.

At this point, short two weeks notice letters can be very useful. Your company can initiate the procedures to close your accounts, take the company vehicle back or contact the insurance providers for the cancellation of the policies. Since these well-formatted letters are submitted from two to four weeks before your actual resignation date, you will have enough time to deal with all other paperwork to finalize the services you receive through your company.

Simple Two Weeks Notice Letter

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If you are planning to resign your job soon and you actually determined the actual date of resignation on your mind, then you need a paper to declare it. Standard two weeks notice letters are one of these resignation letters which officially declare your resignation letter to your employer, boss or human resources. As the name suggests, this letter is submitted two or three weeks before your resignation date. This period provides enough time for the formal procedures for your company to cease its agreement with you. In addition to this, you will also have enough time to do the thing you need to do before quitting.

How Should Traditional Two Weeks Notice Letters Be?

Those who have never prepared these tough letters may find it challenging to write one. However, there is nothing to worry about. Our website shares some of the best templates you can use. All of these templates are internationally accepted and all you need to do is change the information provided on these templates. You can replace them with your information and then print it to submit to your boss or employer. You will not have to deal with the annoying styling efforts on Microsoft Word or other software.

In general, these letters have a simple format that must be followed. All of the templates you are going to download from our website comply with these formats. Keep in mind that you should avoid using unnecessary information. As you will see from our templates, they have direct content that informs the opposite party about your resignation. Of course, it will be wise to thank the company for the contributions for yourself and your skills. You can download any of the templates you like and edit them according to your needs. We do not recommend editing the styling of the papers since they are perfectly created for the purpose and format of these serious letters.

Official Two Weeks Notice Letter Templates

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Many people begin to look for general two weeks notice letters on the internet once they decide on the resignation date. If you are one of these people, first, we would like to congratulate you on your decision. We wish you the best in your future career. In addition to this, we can provide you useful templates that you can download and use. It may be quite challenging to prepare a basic two weeks notice letter, however, there is nothing to worry about. We provide dozens of free templates for our visitors. All you need to do is pick any of them you like and edit them according to your personal information.

What Should You Pay Attention While Editing These Documents?

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First of all, we would like to state that you should not worry about the styling of these documents. They are all styled in acceptable formats. This means that you can simply print them and deliver them to your employer. Of course, you need to change some of the information provided on these papers according to your personal information. You do not have to pay an additional effort to find what you need to write on these papers. You can read the text provided on the templates and change them according to your personal info.

As you can open these documents on Microsoft software, you can directly open them as an image as well. Both of this software allows you to edit the information provided on these templates. Please pay attention to the spacing between the lines to not disturb the overall styling of your letter. You do not need any additional knowledge to edit these papers as well. If you often use a computer, you can easily complete the editing process on your own without any worries. Download and edit them now to submit your letter.

Tactful Two Weeks Notice Letters

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10 Two weeks notice letter templates

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