You can download & edit perfect resignation letter samples for free. You can get free resignation letters in PNG formats.

What Are Resignation Letters?

Writing a resignation is one of the biggest dreams of every employee. Resignation letter is in fact a piece of paper that states that the issuer is not going to work for the company anymore. As the paper can be in force right after you hand it out to your employer or human resources, you can also write down a specific date to resign. If you are working in a small company, then you may not have to prepare this paper and hand it out. However, if you are working in a corporate company, then you will be asked to provide this paper.

Numerous Resignation Letter Templates You Can Prefer

Free sample letter templates we share on our pages will greatly help you to write the perfect letter. In fact, our formal templates will assist you with what you need to write or how you need to write. In most of these standard templates, all you need to do is change the name, address, contact information or resignation date. Therefore, many of the employees who are planning to quit their jobs usually prefer one of the templates we offer them on our website. You do not have to make any payment to use these well-formatted templates. They are offered for free and anyone can download them.

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Account Executive Resignation Format

Once you download any of these DOC templates, you can open them with software such as Microsoft Word. In this way, you can edit proper sample resignation according to your information. Writing the proper letter that declares you are going to quit your job will only take minutes with the help of these templates. In addition to this, you can get inspiration from these perfect templates and create your own on any office software. As you can print and hand out them to your boss, you can also send them as an attachment in your email. However, we recommend you giving them personally.

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Well-formatted resignation two weeks notice letter image

How to Write Resignation Letter with Reason?

If you are planning to quit your job soon to realize your dreams or work in a better job, then you are going to need a uncluttered resignation letter. In general, this official letter has similar formats in which you have to provide certain information. This information must include your personal information, your position in your job and the resignation date. In addition to this, you can write down the reason for the resignation as well. Although the last information is optional, you may want to write it down to receive a better deal. If you believe that you are a key employee in your company, writing this reason may return you as a promotion or raise.

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Traditional resignation notice letter simple

How to Write a Reason for Your Resignation Letter?

As we said, this is an optional piece of information that you may or may not want to share in your letter. If you are going to share this information, then you need to use a formal discourse while talking about your reason. It is not advised to use hatred words if you are not happy with your job and this is why you are going to resign, it is better to not mention it at all. On the other hand, if you want to mention your reason, you can find plenty of templates to use on our website.

You can simply pick any of these official templates and download them. Once you get them on your computer, you can open and edit them according to your needs. Our website shares free templates for both resignation letters with and without reasons. You can easily find the best format for yourself among these good templates with ease of mind. This will help you to save time and get rid of the stress of preparing a formal paper. We wish you the best in your career.

Simple Resignation Letter Downloads

If this is your big day or the big day is close, then you may need some legible letter examples. Unfortunately, many employees are not happy with their work and their biggest goal is to feel the joy of handing out their resignation letter to their bosses. If you are one of these people, then you can consider yourself lucky and we wish you the best in your career. Our website offers numerous templates that people who are going to quit their jobs soon can use. We offer them completely for free and you can download and edit them whenever you want.

Short Resignation Letter

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You should be writing your resignation politely, this complete letter is a good sample for this.

Keep Your Resignation Letter Simple

Many people who have never resigned or never prepared a legible resignation letter before believing that this paper is quite challenging to prepare. If you always did not like to express your feelings by writing, it may be quite challenging though. You need to put a distance by hiding your emotions and state every detail about your resignation. Of course, you do not have to write down the causes behind your resignation. You can prepare them if you want too. On the other hand, you must write down the resignation date on this paper.

Best Resignation Letter Writing Tips for Beginners

If you want to act professionally, it will be better for you to give your well-formatted letter at least two weeks before your actual resignation. However, you can also give this paper and resign right after you hand it out. You need to mention the date you are going to quit your job on these papers. If you are not sure about what to write or how to write, do not worry. You can use one of the traditional templates that we have shared for you and get rid of the stress of writing a good letter from scratch. All of these templates are completely free to use, enjoy them!

Good Resignation Letter Format

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Decisive resignation professional sample

A standard resignation letter is one of the documents that most of the employees would love to write. If you have made your plans and planning to quit your job for any purpose, then you will need one of these letters. Our website shares plenty of unique templates that you can use in your proper letter. You can download the simple formats and edit them in line with your needs. After that, you can either email them to your boss or print them to give them personally. We believe that you are going to love these targeted templates which all of them will work for this purpose.

What Should You Pay Attention in Resignation?

Of course, your name and position in the company must be written on your paper. You can also write down the reason for the resignation if it’s not clear. However, this information is not a must. If you are planning to resign on the day you are going to give this paper to your boss, then you need to specify it on the paper. However, resigning on the day you give the paper will not be a professional act. In general, you need to inform the company at least 2 weeks before your resignation. Therefore, you need to write down the resignation exact date.

In addition to these, you have to sign the paper and do not forget to write down the date you will be giving the paper to your boss or employer. The above-mentioned information will be enough for your resignation letter. On the other hand, you can also benefit from the free and ready-to-use templates we share on our website. All you need to do is edit them according to yourself and then use them! We do not charge for these general templates they are completely free. You can download and print any of them you like.

Online Resignation – Email Sample

If you are working from home or working abroad, you may need to email your resignation letter to quit your job. In this case, the standard format of the paper you need to prepare will not change. You can prepare a regular resignation letter and then email it to your employer or boss. If you have never prepared this paper before or this will be your first resignation, do not worry. We are here to help you with dozens of free templates you can choose. All of these templates are ready to use papers that you just need to change the personal information written on them.

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How to Prepare Resignation Letter Professionally?

If you do not want to use any of our templates and want to prepare your own paper, then you can get some inspiration from these. As you can see, most of the templates include the same kind of information that must be in all resignation letters. Some of this information is optional. For example, you do not have to write down the reason for your resignation. On the other hand, you need to provide the resignation date, your role in the company and other information regarding your position.

You can also benefit from the free templates we have provided for you. All of these professional formats are downloadable, and you can edit them once you download them to your computer. This will be a quick solution for those who do not want to prepare a paper from scratch. In general, it will take only minutes to complete your resignation letter. After that, you can send the file to your boss or employer to inform him or her about your resignation. We believe that you are going to love some of these basic templates that will help you to set yourself free from the company you are working for.

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