Get and edit formal recommendation letter examples in simple format. You can download these formal letters of recommendation for job, college and scholarship.

Why Should You Submit Letter of Recommendation?

We have to deal with too many papers during the job or scholarship applications. However, one paper has a great importance. The importance of good recommendation letters is almost equal to the importance of a robust resume. This is mainly because these letters provide information about you by other people who know you. When you have a professional relationship with the writer of the letter, you provide a detailed and formal knowledge about yourself professionally. No one should underestimate the power of these letters and we highly recommend you submitting these letters during any application.

Simple Recommendation Letter

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Although you can find plenty of resume templates on the internet, the number of templates for recommendations is quite low. However, you do not have to worry because our website offers plenty of amazing templates for its visitors. In addition to this, they are completely free and anyone who visits our website can download them without any worries. Once you download them to your computer, it is possible for you to edit them. This may be quite practical in case you have to send a sample letter for the writer of your well-formatted recommendation letter.

You can edit some of the personal information on these templates and then send them as a sample. In addition to this, you can also take notes on these templates so that the writer will pay attention to your notes while he or she is writing it. Although these papers are written by other people, it is highly important for you to check them before you submit them. First of all, make sure that the letter is free of grammatical mistakes and typing errors. Moreover, you may also not want to submit what he or she wrote on the paper as well. Sometimes it is better to not submit this letter instead of submitting confusing information about yourself.

Official Recommendation Letter

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Academic Recommendation Letter for Students

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Getting the best Recommendation Letter from Employer

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A simple letter of recommendation is one of the papers that you submit with your resume. In case you are planning to continue your career in another company or another job, then you have to prepare your resume. While doing so, it will be a wise choice to ask your employer to write a targeted recommendation letter for you. If you have a close relationship with your boss, then it will be a huge bonus for you. This is because you will show proof of your success and adaptability in a company. Such a letter will be a great advantage for you in any job application.

What to Know About Employer Recommendation?

First of all, this paper should be written by your employer. In general, most of the employers do not write these letters on their own but request it from human resources. However, as long as he or she signs it, this will be accepted as he or she wrote it. Corporate companies usually prepare this paper smoothly. On the other hand, if you are working in a small or family company, then your boss may not be aware of these papers. In such cases, you may need to provide him or her a sample to make sure that you will have a great letter to submit during our job application.

In such times, you can use the free templates that we share on our pages. You can find plenty of samples that are written on behalf of employers. Those who need a winning recommendation can pick any of these templates and forward them to their employer to provide him or her a great sample. In this way, you can have a great letter at hand. Of course, it will be wise to check for grammar mistakes and typing errors before submitting the letter with your resume.

Professional Recommendation Letter for Scholarship

If you are going to apply for a scholarship soon then it will be wise to prepare some documents in advance. In addition to your application letters or resume, there is one paper that can provide a great contribution to being accepted. This is called a recommendation letter and it is used for many purposes. One of the areas it is preferred is scholarship applications. However, unlike other papers you can prepare on your own, you will not be able to write this letter. In fact, this must be written by people who know you and have a professional relationship with you.

How Can You Have Scholarship Recommendation Letter?

Since you are still a student or planning to continue your education, it will be a wise choice to ask your lecturers about this recommendation letter. In case your letter will be written by one of your lecturers at the university, this will greatly boost your chances to be accepted. Your lecturer may already write dozens of recommendation letters during his or her career and he or she knows what to do or what to write in the letter. Therefore, you should not have to worry about the content at all.

However, if you need to provide an example to the person who is going to write this paper for you, then you can find plenty of templates on our website. We share these templates for free and anyone who needs a sample can download and edit them. You may be the person who is going to write the letter and looking for a great template. If so, here are dozens of amazing options that you can prefer. As you can directly use any of these templates, you can also download and edit them according to the original owner of this paper. We believe these templates will help you to save time and effort for you.

Standard Letter of Recommendation for Teachers

Other Letter of Recommendation Examples