Here is some tips to use your time effectively.

In order to be able to manage effective time, to use your work and the time you will devote to yourself efficiently, you should have the criteria to be able to plan at the desired level during the time you live. What you will pay attention to when planning;

  • To do the right things from the difficult to the easy,
  • To do the work according to the planned day and time, not to drag on,
  • Not to move from one job to another without finishing one job,
  • To concentrate on the work done,
  • To take time for creative activities,
  • Avoiding routine tasks,
  • Avoiding unnecessary details,
  • Limiting meetings to time,
  • To determine the hours that can be worked without hindering,
  • Training people who can share jobs.

You should use printable calendars for time management.

Here are three important things to remember when planning; your mental, physical and mental state. What you need to pay attention to when planning with a calm mind and body;

  • To devote the hours you can work more efficiently and productive to important work,
  • To plan the day in detail, but to be flexible for unexpected situations,
  • To be faithful to the start times,
  • To be able to say “No” to those around you when necessary in order to realize your plan,
  • Every morning, you need to devote 10-15 minutes of planning time to yourself and get an agenda where you can take small notes or use a mobile phone app,
  • To always finish the day in a positive way,
  • To prepare a realistic plan and not to be a prisoner of the daily plan,
  • To be rewarding, (you should be able to appreciate yourself when you carry out your plan.)

Taking care to make assessments (such as whether I was able to implement my plan, what went wrong, what I should rearrange) will help your plan proceed efficiently.