Download Free Templates for Bill of Sale for California. If you are living in California and you are going to buy or sell the property soon then you may be looking for a formal bill of sale. These amazing documents play an important role as the guarantor for both of the parties. If you may have a dispute with the opposite party, having this paper at your hand will be significantly useful for you at the court. This document declares the new ownership of the property after the sales. As you can directly use any of the templates we have provided on our website, you can also hire a lawyer to carry out these operations.

Official Bill of Sale Is the Cheapest Alternative

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When you hire a lawyer, he or she will provide the same document that we have shared on our website as templates. However, you will have to pay hundreds of dollars to the lawyer. On the other hand, you can download one of these templates and print them to use in your trade. There is no difference between the template you are going to download from our website and the paper your lawyer will bring to the trade. Both papers will be officially legal as soon as both parties will sign them. So, why should you pay hundreds of dollars to single paper while you can download it for free on the internet?

California Bill of Sale Templates

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You can also edit any of the templates you download from our website. Some buyers and sellers agree on different conditions such as paying the price in installments. In this case, you can prepare more than multiple bills of sales and write down conditions under them as the installments. Moreover, parties can also agree on different conditions that can be written on these papers. You can download any of them now and edit according to your needs.