Download free quality calendars for 2021 year. You can use these transparent 2021 calendar templates for only personal purposes.

5 Essential Business Calendar Templates You Need to Have

In business life, you need to focus on your job and follow a to do list to work properly. To work properly, a well-arranged calendar is a must. This calendar could be a customized one for your needs. By using a 2021 calendar, you can arrange your works, appointments and much more!

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1)Employee Vacation Tracker

You don’t have to be an employer to have this template in your 2021 calendar but when your colleague goes on a vacation, it is good to know when he/she will come back. In this way, you will be able to predict your workload.

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2)Daily To-Dos

It is always good to know what you will be doing in your workplace. A daily to-do will include the things you should remind during your workday, the things you should buy or done. Also, Do’s and dont’s about any job can be listed there separately. When you put it on your keyboard, you will never forget anything that day.

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3)Cornell Notes Section:

A useful calendar should have Cornell style note pages to take notes during a meeting. You can point out the keywords of the meeting and write down the details. It is a scientifically proved way of note-taking.

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4)12-Month Calendar on a Single Page:

This is probably the most essential paper of a calendar. On that page, you can mark the important dates with tiny notes that include important details. You will be able to follow the most crucial events in your business life.

5)Month Planner:

A month planner with sections that you can plan all the weeks separately could be beneficial for you. At the beginning of the month, you can set goals and major activities to do. After the month ends, you will be able to check your progression by criticizing yourself.